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DJ Services

Our DJ’s are led by DJ Manner (Director & Active Partner). We also have 4 more DJ’s and a technical staff that has been dedicated to this industry for more than 20 years.

LED Screens

Our screens showcase content for corporate events and can be set up in a dynamic way for any type of celebration, from birthdays to weddings.

Sound Production

We work with top class professional sound equipment for all types of occasions, from theatre to concerts and everything in between, including corporate events and private parties.

Light Production

Our lighting production can be for corporate events to showcase a product launch or for stage lighting at concerts or private celebrations, like weddings.

Stage Production

When you have a corporate event and the president of the company is going to make a speech, you need everything to be perfect, from the stairs and the podium, to the lighting and microphones. The same goes for concerts and any other event.


We work with a large variety of musicians and bands. Violinists, guitarists, and saxophonists for cocktail hours or first dances, bands for weddings, and bookings for different artists.

Event Tents

Decorative tents for outdoor events up to 160 feet long, tents for dressing rooms, and tents for the main event. 

Portable Bathrooms
Luxurious portable bathrooms for any type of event.
Power Generators

Power generators to satisfy electric needs for large productions as well as locations with no electricity. 

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